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09 - 12 September 2019   |   Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of The United Arab Emirates

Programme is subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates on sessions and the speakers.

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Keynote - Innovation: The pathway to prosperity

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Opening Session

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Interactive Parallel Sessions

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Start up Energy Transition: The Power of the bold

Bold entrepreneurs are tackling some of the world’s most pressing energy challenges, many of them using radically new business models and technologies. The winners of this years’ Start up Energy Transition Award illustrate the power of the bold and demonstrate a vision beyond conventions.

Innovations in energy: Technology push, society pull

Technological innovations, accelerated digitalisation, or potential game changers such as blockchain in energy threaten existing business models and provide entirely new solutions. But, there is still more to do to understand the scope and scale of impact and how to develop rules that guide public sector, investors, and private sector leaders as we strive for more sustainable energy, while still facing the challenge of meeting growing demand. Questions: What are the most critical demand-side disruptions to consider? What new business models and technology developments are most relevant? What are the key gaps and barriers to scale – financial, skills based, policy?

From kit to bit and chit

The concept of equity has moved in recent decades from physical assets (the kit) to data and information (the bit), and now moves into an era where tokens (the chit) are an accepted currency of corporate value. Is the energy market stuck in a out of date era of measuring value by industrial assets, or are the opportunities of the brave new business world been adopted and exploited? This session looks at how we assess and develop value in today's world and identifies the practice that all progressive organisations need to adopt.

Agile giants: incumbents as entrepreneurs?

Convention presents the entrepreneur as a maverick independent, a small and nimble body designed to come up with innovative solutions to quickly fill niche business openings before the corporates can react. But increasingly the smart corporate giants are fostering internal teams that can think and act with the agility that frees up this opportunism. Following Sir Isaac Newton's advice from 1675, it is sometimes easier to see further when standing on the shoulders of giants. This sessions explores case studies and approaches from the incumbent giants that have successfully adopted entrepreneurial approaches to solving complex energy problems.

The innovation ecosystem: What does success look like?

Like energy, innovation cannot be created in a vacuum. The market needs innovation to feed any realistic transition scenario, but the ecosystem also relies on sound policy making and investment. This sessions explores the best practice in creating the conditions for a healthy innovation pipeline, and looks at how this can be tangibly measured.

Learning from failure: Innovate or die

The reality of the future energy market is stark - without significant new innovation bearing fruit at an industrial scale, even the most pessimstic mid-term predictions will not be realised. Good innovators learn from others' success, but the best learn from failure - whether this be in the realms of technology, business practice, policy or investment. This session looks at case studies that reveal the anatomy of innovation failure to gather lessons we can learn and apply to deliver more successful innovation outcomes in the future.

Driving Innovation through diversity

As the energy industry undergoes significant structural change, a diverse set of ideas and perspectives will be needed to deliver innovative solutions. What are some promising policies and practices for building a more balanced, diverse and inclusive workforce?

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Closing Session

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